Dionysios Skordoulis

Researcher in Wireless Communications

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My Publications

This page contains a list of my publications, including preprints, technical reports and papers in preparation.

Journals and Magazines

  1. D. Skordoulis, Q. Ni, H. Chen, A.P. Stephens, C. Liu and A. Jamalipour, "IEEE 802.11n MAC Frame Aggregation Mechanisms for Next-Generation High-Throughput WLANs", Wireless Communications, IEEE, vol.15, no.1, pp.40-47, February 2008. (PDF)

Conference Papers

  1. D. Skordoulis, Q. Ni and C. Zarakovitis, "A Selective Delayed Channel Access (SDCA) for the High-Throughput IEEE 802.11n", WCNC 2009. IEEE, pp.1-6, 5-8 April 2009. (PDF)
  2. C. Zarakovitis, Q. Ni and D. Skordoulis, "Cross-Layer Design for Single-Cell OFDMA Systems with Heterogeneous QoS and Partial CSIT", WCNC 2009. IEEE, pp.1-6, 5-8 April 2009. (PDF)
  3. D. Skordoulis, Q. Ni, G. Min and K. Borg, "Adaptive Delayed Channel Access for IEEE 802.11n WLANs", ICCSC 2008. IEEE, pp.167-171, 26-28 May 2008. (PDF)
  4. D. Skordoulis, Q. Ni, U. Ali & M. Hadjinicolaou, "Analysis of Concatenation and Packing Mechanisms in IEEE 802.11n", PGNET 2007, 28-29 June 2007. (PDF)

Book Chapters

  1. U. Ali, Q. Ni, Y. Xiao, W. Yao & D. Skordoulis, "Chapter 20: QoS Support for WIMAX", Invited Chapter in the Book "Wiley::Emerging Wireless LANs, Wireless PANs, and Wireless MANs: IEEE 802.11, IEEE 802.15, 802.16 Wireless Standard Family", pp.497-512, April 2009. (BUY)


  1. D. Skordoulis, Q. Ni and C. Zarakovitis, "Various Delay Channel Access algorithms for the IEEE 802.11n", Brunel University's Graduate School Research Student Poster Conference [Best Poster Award (ranked in Top-6)], 6-7 May 2009. (PDF)


  1. D. Skordoulis, "Simulation Analysis of the IEEE 802.11n Next-Generation Wireless LAN", MSc Dissertation in Wireless Communications Systems at Brunel University, September 2006.

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